The Price of Romance

Welcome to the first instalment of hopefully many Romance Blog posts. We will cover everything from first dates to proposals, real life stories to anniversaries, relationship advise to interviews with happy couples, and so much more.

Today’s topic is The Price of Romance; because romance really doesn’t have to cost a lot, but romance does have to be special, personal, meaningful and come from the heart.


Think back to a time when you were given a treasured gift. It didn’t always have to be big, or expensive. Maybe your little niece drew you a picture at school, or your grandmother gave you an old tapestry before she passed away. No, those things may not have monetary value, but they have sentimental value, and the chances are that you still greatly treasure those items.


So keep that in mind when you are thinking of a gift to give to your Significant Other (SO), Your girlfriend may well prefer a stuffed animal from you rather than an expensive necklace (although I doubt she would ever say no to the necklace), your boyfriend may prefer a small key ring that he can always carry around with him, instead of a pair of high end sunglasses. Now I am not saying don’t spend money on you SO. What I’m getting at is do lots of little things that are going to make a long term impact. Make a habit of spoiling your SO, with things to show them you are thinking of them.

I was recently at the florist late one Friday afternoon, and a gentleman came in on his way home from work, and bought a single rose to take home to his wife. While I didn’t know if the gent was taking that as an apology for something, I would like to imagine it was just his way of telling his wife he loved her, and was thankful to have her. It didn’t cost an arm and a leg, it was only about R10, to put that into perspective, it was cheaper than a slab of chocolate. But it’s about doing small daily, or weekly things to build up that love, admiration, and romance with your significant other.

One note to remember, gents – household cleaning products are not thoughtful gifts (unless she has OCD, in which case we take back that statement), and ladies – remember to treat your gent to something special too, food doesn’t always cut it.


If you’re wondering about what we would suggest you buy as wallet friendly gift for your significant other, here is a page of our suggested mini gifts and where you can get them.


Along similar lines, it would be imperative to spend time with your SO. You want to not just develop a “text” relationship with your partner. You want to spend quality time with them. Be it, NETFLIX and chill, or going for a picnic somewhere local.
Perhaps make a standard weekly date night/day with your partner. It’s something that will help you to keep that spark alive and keep your relationship strong for years to come.

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