June 2017 Specials

We are delighted to announce our June special is the launch of a new product from Romantic Events.

People often only give gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, valentines and other special occasions. But why should we give only when its expected? Here at Romantic Events we looked at this and decided we wanted to make romancing your Significant Other even easier for you. Therefore, we have put together some amazing gift hampers that are available as a once off, a 3 month subscription, or even a 6 month subscription.


These amazing offers are designed for couple’s in long-term relationships, but are suitable for friends, and family members too. You can even choose to buy yourself a gift hamper!

Imagine the surprise on your spouse’s face when they open a box from you that you gave no hint was on its way.


There are so many awesome things that we love about sending and receiving gift hampers like these. Such as:

  • Knowing someone took the time to think about you.
  • Having a box to open and discovering the surprises inside.
  • For long distance relationships (or friendships or families) – feeling loved and remembered despite the distance.
  • Getting a package delivered to your Special Someone’s door or office*
  • No extra effort on your part, just answer a few questions, do an EFT, and your Special Someone will be smiling in no time.


* Below listed prices are for delivery to main towns and city centres across South Africa. For small towns, farms, plots and out of country deliveries, additional costs will apply. Contact us for rates.


Gift Hampers

Every package comes beautifully packaged (inside the courier’s packaging). The items in the box are sourced from high quality, South African suppliers meaning what your special someone gets each month will be  a unique gift to truly enjoy.


There is a new box with new and exciting items in it every month. A big part of why this is special is because you have a surprise every month with what is in the box. But what we can tell you is the following list should give you an idea of what you are likely to receive:


  • Yummy treats
  • Something to spoil them
  • Something to treasure
  • Something useful
  • Vouchers for services



Subscription Option Per Month Price Total Cost
1 Month (once off) R480 R480
3 Months (one per month) R450 R1350
6 Months (one per month) R430 R2580



How it works

In just 7 quick and easy steps, you can make your loved one feel special.

  1. You put in a request for the package of your preference
  2. You tell us of your Special someone’s name, favourite colour, food, and drink
  3. You tell us of any allergies/dietary requirements
  4. You provide the address for the couriers to deliver the package
  5. We process your request and send you the invoice
  6. You do the payment
  7. About 7-10 days after your payment has been done, a personalised gift hamper arrives in your Special someone’s hands.
  8. If you choose to do the 3 or 6 month subscription, you won’t need to go through the above steps again, but your Special someone will still get a new and amazing Gift Hamper every month.


Why you should choose Romantic Events as your company of choice for your next surprise:

  • We are South Africa’s leading romance experts
  • Established in 2013, we have been around long enough to be reliable
  • Because we are a young team, we are constantly keeping up with the latest trends in romance while keeping an old-world charm and romance alive.
  • Being a small business, we put a personal touch and every effort into making every client happy. With us, you’re not just a number.
  • We put extra effort into every little detail.
  • We are a proudly South African company

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