Gifts for Other Couples

Gifts for Other Couples
Perhaps it’s mom and dad’s 40th wedding anniversary, and you want to give them something amazing. Or maybe your best friend is about to get married and you want to give them an “out of this world” gift. Possibly you’re best employee just got engaged and you want to give them a gift.
Whatever the case, it is our specialty to assist you in helping give them a personalized, romantic gift.

You may choose to buy a gift card for them to the value of R500, R1000, or R1500 and they can choose their own package.
Or you may choose to fill in the Relationship Planning Questionnaire and we will put together 3 detailed date plans for you to choose from. This process will cost only R300.
Once you have chosen your preferred option, you may choose to put it together yourself, or we can follow through and bring it to life.



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