Personal Romance Consultant

Especially designed to assist busy, discerning VIPs and those aspiring for greatness. You may know how important romance is, but you may be very short on time. Show your significant other just how special they are to you with a Romance Consultant who will ensure you are always romantic.
How It Works:

  • You sign up for a monthly, quarterly or yearly membership.
  • We will interview you, get all the important details of your significant other’s likes and dislikes, and put together an analysis of your relationship.
  • We will ensure you have a gift, card, flowers and anything else you need for any special dates. Never miss an anniversary again.
  • Receive unlimited Date Planning assistance. Ideas, coordination, services and reservations all booked for you.
  • Monthly dates will be planned and arranged for you.
  • Reminders for special occasions, as well as information regarding upcoming events will be sent to you via text/whatsapp and email.
  • We will help ensure you are dressed appropriately for the date/occasion.
  • Includes detailed quotes for all events. And includes cost of cards/notes for your Significant Other.
  • Excludes cost of vendors and incidentals. For example: dinner costs, flowers, musicians, etc.


As this is a new addition to our repertoire, we are offering a special for Romance Consultant for August-October at a low price of R600. (Normal 3 month subscription is R750)



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