Proposal Packages

These are packages that are ready made and can have as little notice as 1 week from booking to pull them off. All of these are tried and tested favorites, sometimes used as anniversaries, but mostly used as jaw dropping proposals. You can choose from an cozy Beach Picnic, to a Horse and Carriage ride like Cinderella and everything in between. All you will need to do is book, bring your girlfriend and the ring, and pop the question. Stress free!

Below are our instant and ready to use proposal ideas. Saving you the effort of finding the vendors, and making 3 to 30 different bookings. Instead of trying to get friends and family to put together slap-dash props, let us put everything together and you, your girlfriend, and even your family can relax and enjoy a stunning proposal moment.
We will make all the bookings, set up everything, and pack up everything afterwards.

Romantic Picnics
We cater for picnics, unlike any other picnic company you can find. Because we specialize in romance! Read more….

Love Boat Cruise
A stunning sunset cruise from Durban harbor on a private boat, decorated just for you. Read more….

Backyard Surprise
Personalize your proposal even more by having us decorate out your backyard. Read more….

Rustic Shed
An unexpected rustic barn on the outside, a stunning proposal venue on the inside. Read more…..

Secret Garden
Feel like you just stepped into a fairy tale with an enchanted trail into the forest and discovering a stunning “Secret Garden” set up just for you. Read more….



More coming soon……



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